Welcome to the Western Australian Mental Health Research Alliance (WAMHRA)

Improving mental health interventions and services to address the complex challenges of mental illness relies on collaborative efforts, integrative strategies, and the cost-effective use of existing resources.  With Western Australia at a forefront of international mental health research, the Western Australian Mental Health Research Alliance (WAMHRA) was created to support collaborative efforts towards strong research partnerships.



What is WAMHRA?

A collaborative platform and a resource for mental health researchers.  Find out more about WAMHRA, who can join, and how to search for information you need.



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Researcher Directory

This interactive database provides detailed information about WAMHRA members, research projects, and opportunities.


Featured Project

Impact of social adversity on the developmental trajectory to mental illness: A study of a whole-population cohort of children at familial high-risk for psychotic disorders.

Prof. Vera Morgan, University of Western Australia