1.       A registration to join WAMHRA can only be made by those who are research active and/or are genuinely interested in being involved in mental health research in Western Australia.

2.      All registrations require pre-approval by an Administrator.  The registration process requires the explicit identification and contact details of the applicant and his or her professional affiliation.

3.      After the registration is approved, members can create and amend their own profile.  All contents being posted must refer solely to mental health research activities or opportunities. Members’ profiles are regularly monitored by an Administrator.

4.      Each member alone is responsible for his or her postings.

5.      Profile contents must be professional and respectful. Postings that are not consistent with these expectations will be deleted.

6.      The Administrator reserves the right to discontinue individual memberships without justification.

7.      All material listed in the registration page is publicly available.

8.      Members should update their profile regularly so that information remains current.  Failure to update the information may result in profiles expiring.